Catch Notes


Want to take notes on your Android device?



Catch Notes may seem like a simple notepad at first sight, since its main function is for virtual note-taking, but dig deeper and you'll find a wide variety of interesting features that are sure to catch the attention of anyone with an overactive mind.

The first thing you'll notice about Catch Notes is its simple but attractive wheel-shaped interface. Just one tap will enable you to write a text note, record an audio file, or take a photo, the results of which will be saved in your device's memory.

The application also allows you to add reminders directly to the wheel. In other words, you can create an alarm that will send you an alert at a certain time. You can also email yourself all of your information to have everything backed up in the cloud.

The program helps you keep your notes organized with features like tags, backup copies, and PIN-protection.

Catch Notes is a useful application for anyone with a lot on their mind, since it makes it fast and easy to take down a sudden thought or idea. Now you have no excuse to forget anything.